Thoughts on DragonCon

Comic-Con? Pshaaa. That is the west coast idea of a sci-fi and fantasy¬†convention. However, here in the southeast we have the real thing: Dragon*Con. Held every labor day weekend, Dragon*Con […]

I received a newsletter today from Dragon*Con announcing that the documentary, “Four Days at Dragon*Con” has gone national with a broadcast schedule announced for the World channel. Sadly, it’s not available in my area, but is in Nashville on April 11, 2011 on WNPT. For this of you, like me, that can’t see the documentary, enjoy the 8 minute preview. It’s really good and gives you a great idea what Dragon*Con is all about…

Dragon*Con 2010 We’ll I haven’t posted anything meaningful in a long while. Why break tradition? I’m not going to start now. I do have to say that Jaime and I […]