Can you imagine a world where Wendy Carlos was murdered for being trans? Electronic music would still be in a lab as a curiosity. There would be a different soundtrack […]

I read a post where a trans person was confronted with the assertion that being transgender was a choice just like getting a tattoo is a choice. Mama Carla says […]

This was originally written for December 20, 2011, but never published. See the original post with the circumstances of her arrest, here: http://manicsquirrel.com/2011/11/15/topless-transsexual-served-23-days-in-jail/ . She entered an Alford plea to […]

last goodbye

Many are not aware of the extreme loss that transgender people face when deciding to transition. I lost my home, my wife of nine years, my dogs, all of my […]

My name is Carla Lewis. Now if you live outside of the Knoxville and Maryville area, you probably don’t recognize my name. That’s where I lived from 2000-2014. During that […]

Kristen Ashley Bailey

A month ago, a link to an obituary was sent to me in a private message. With it, the sender expressed outrage at how the family had misgendered this person […]

technical recess since adjourning Why is every scandal now suffixed with the word "gate"? It is annoying and very cliche. # Transwoman attacked on Black Friday at Jackson, TN @Kohls_Official […]

Tea Party Tax Calculator is absolutely LYING! http://t.co/w3t9Z75 via @tppatriots compare with http://t.co/WuwN3pV # get a loan quick and easylombard direct loans I subscribed to CadenceCaliber's channel on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/user/CadenceCaliber?feature=autoshare […]