I just received an electronic flyer announcing a tribute to retiring Metropolitan Community Church pastor Rev. Bob Galloway. You are invited to join us as we celebrate Rev.Bob’s ministry, contributions, […]

Greetings, First, I want to thank all of the 25,000+ people that have read Carol Ann and Laura’s story and signed the online petition at When I first created […]

Teary eyed Valentine Video from @GetEqual! Recognize anyone? # loan from the bankthe loans New blog post: Valentine's Day To Jaime # New blog post: Valentine's Day To […]

1st Valentine‚Äôs Party for Pride at Relix in Knoxville # I've discovered that the wheels of justice in Tennessee are square and therefore cannot turn. # Powered by Twitter […]

Although I should be too young to know, the only thing better than being a parent is being a grandparent. # I've never once used "lol". When I see […]

I favorited a YouTube video — An Asian Walks into an Italian Restaurant # longer charge overdraft fees Oh joyous day! Four customers called at 6:30 am with storm […]