I was putting away some clothes this morning when a pair of jeans fell out of my armoire. I picked them up to refold them and couldn’t determine whose jeans […]

All of these legal theories hurt my brain. I tried to use my powers of clairvoyance, but they have been lacking in the last few months. I’ve lost nearly every […]

September 17, 1999 It had been almost three months since being discharged from a two week hospital stay after my suicide attempt. Having no home to go back to I […]

I wished I had learned by now that attempting to cry myself to sleep neither makes the head pain go away or helps me fall asleep. I wish I could […]

A short narrative about the following documents: I entered an enlistment in the United States Air Force in June 1990. During basic training I was assigned to the Drum and […]

The legislative session is over and I’m thinking I need to lighten up a bit and enjoy the summer. For the last 11 years I have been living in a […]

So looking over my facebook status entries for the past year, I’ve compiled a list of items that were most meaningful to me.  I’ve done this so that I may […]

I started a post last year around Christmas.  For some reason I never got around to publishing it and just now ran across it.  It isn’t finished – but what […]

As freshman in college I bugged out in my second semester and joined the United States Air Force.  You see all my life I had wanted to be an astronaut. […]

It’s hard to imagine more disparate subjects coming together, but trust me, I shall weave them into a tightly knit tale as if I were knitting a sweater fr the […]