Renee Richards

1977 was a big year in LGBT history: the Log Cabin Republicans were established, Arkansas reinstated its sodomy law, Anita Bryant was the scourge of LGBT equality and she received […]

Stop the Tucking

I honestly don’t what kids are calling it these days. It used to be SRS, sex reassignment surgery, and now it’s either GRS, gender reassignment surgery, or GCS, gender confirmation […]

Carla's Mental Health

I’m not perfect. I have issues. These issues are a constant impediment to my life. quantity and quantity of sleep constant drowsiness during the day and wakefulness at night debilitating procrastination […]


I had just turned nine years old and was at the beginning of my summer break in 1980. Back then, having a nice golden tan was still en vogue. After […]

On the eve the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, I sit in silence and read the names of the victims of anti-trans violence. With all of the visibility and progress that we’ve […]

Imagine the headline if I were to be murdered for being transgender, “Local Maryville Man Found Dead in Home”. The story would go on to include details of the story, […]

Did you know October 11th was National Coming Out Day? I think everyone probably has a unique “coming out story”. It was the summer of 1985. I was 14 years […]