Short tales narrating an interesting or amusing biographical incident in my life.

Robbery and Kidnapping of Jaime

*This is a story about Jaime Combs. During the events presented Jaime had not yet transitioned from male. However, because of my personal bias, I will refer to Jaime in […]

Williamson Medical Center

I’d like to share a negative experience I had in your hospital emergency room on October 8, 2015. Enough time has passed that I’m no longer angry about it, just […]

17 Years Later

Things were bad. On July 2nd, 1999, the day after my birthday, the depression started hitting me harder and harder. At the time, I was 215 lbs. As the days […]

Highway Flasher

It was sometime early 1992, I was working in Little Rock, Arkansas near the river at a little electronic printing company, Electronic Imaging Services. I worked the late shift, by […]

There was a time I thought myself to be invincible and that I would live forever. It’s funny how that point of view has changed as the years have slipped […]

Funny…trust me, you’ll like this one. Years ago, in 1999, in an email from my mother, she disclosed her plans for the weekend: “no time to write right now, but […]

Thoughts on DragonCon

Comic-Con? Pshaaa. That is the west coast idea of a sci-fi and fantasy convention. However, here in the southeast we have the real thing: Dragon*Con. Held every labor day weekend, Dragon*Con […]

As I sit in a dentist office waiting on my 21 year old daughter while she has a root canal, sweating my ass off because the air conditioning is out, […]

Sometimes my dreams are really, really strange. I take that back. My dreams are ALWAYS really, really strange. I just don’t always remember them long enough to write them down. […]

I started a post last year around Christmas.  For some reason I never got around to publishing it and just now ran across it.  It isn’t finished – but what […]