Can you imagine a world where Wendy Carlos was murdered for being trans? Electronic music would still be in a lab as a curiosity. There would be a different soundtrack […]

I read a post where a trans person was confronted with the assertion that being transgender was a choice just like getting a tattoo is a choice. Mama Carla says […]

This was originally written for December 20, 2011, but never published. See the original post with the circumstances of her arrest, here: . She entered an Alford plea to […]

Renee Richards

1977 was a big year in LGBT history: the Log Cabin Republicans were established, Arkansas reinstated its sodomy law, Anita Bryant was the scourge of LGBT equality and she received […]

Robbery and Kidnapping of Jaime

*This is a story about Jaime Combs. During the events presented Jaime had not yet transitioned from male. However, because of my personal bias, I will refer to Jaime in […]

Stop the Tucking

I honestly don’t what kids are calling it these days. It used to be SRS, sex reassignment surgery, and now it’s either GRS, gender reassignment surgery, or GCS, gender confirmation […]