carla lewis
Carla Lewis

As far as I know, I’m the only person that has ever been discharged from the United States Air Force for “Gender Identity Disorder” or “GID”. My DD214 says I have “mental disorders”. So I’m guessing that qualifies as nuts.

I was raised as Carl Justin Lyle Aldridge. People called me Justin until I was 29.  There was a brief period, however, between the ages of 4 and 5 where I would only respond to the name “Howard”. My name is now Carla Jasmine Lewis. My nom de plume is “manicsquirrel”. If you refer to it as “Manic Squirrel” or “Manicsquirrel”, I get irritated just a little bit – one word, all lowercase please.

I’m a 39 year old pre-operative transsexual. I live in east Tennessee with my lovely partner, Jaime.  Jaime is an accomplished hair stylist and salon owner.  Jaime was formerly the South Atlantic Regional director for PFLAG.

dead frog
Dead Frog

I used to be really overworked, but now I am just burned out.  I work for a small computer service company of which I am co-founder.  I spend my days installing and maintaining small business networks, writing software, and recovering deleted data (*yawn*). On occasion, it gets really exciting. Why just the other day we found a dried up old dead frog inside a computer.

I want to make the world I live in a better place for everyone (everyone that cares for their fellow human in a kind and altruistic manner).  To that end, I try to stay involved in politics enough to encourage change.  I’m the current secretary for East Tennessee Equality Council and a former secretary of Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition.