Bigotry Backfires in Texas Wrestling Tournament

Mack BeggsMack Beggs, of Euless Trinity High School, is a young transgender man who loves wrestling. Mack recently won a girls regional championship in Allen when his female opponent forfeited the match.

Here’s the thing. In Texas, student athletes must compete based on the gender on their birth certificate. This is dictated by the University Interscholastic League, or UIL. Well, Mack’s birth certificate lists him as female, so Mack can only wrestle females

Of course, some jerk is filing a lawsuit contending that Mack should be disqualified for “steroid use”, only Mack is being prescribed testosterone which is allowed by UIL as long as it is prescribed by a licensed physician.

Here’s the thing. People bitch and get all up in arms when a trans woman like Fallon Fox fights against another woman or when trans woman Jillian Bearden wins a women’s cycling race. They claim that transgender people should compete in the gender category of their assigned birth gender. So here is a case where their rules require just that. Mack followed their asinine rules, and they’re bitching about that as well.

Congratulations, Mack! Your transgender brothers and sisters are proud of you for being out and representin’!