Andrea Jones Update

This was originally written for December 20, 2011, but never published. See the original post with the circumstances of her arrest, here: .

She entered an Alford plea to the charge of resisting arrest.

Alford Plea: This type of plea is made when an accused purports their innocence although they chose to enter a guilty plea. If a strong factual basis exists supporting an Alford plea, the court will accept such plea. No trial occurs with this type of plea.

The State dropped the charge for indecent exposure. It’s my opinion that had they not dropped that particular charge and Andrea had entered a “Not Guilty” plea, the State would not have been able to prove their case and the subsequent resisting arrest. In Tennessee, it is legal to resist an unlawful arrest. Most likely, since the State knew they could not prove the indecent exposure, they knew the resisting arrest charge would not have stood.

She had poor public counsel which she met, in person, for the first time, during the proceedings. He did not want to fight and the prosecutor had scared her to death. She had already served 23 days in jail and was released after her estranged father posted a $1000 cash bond. In addition, she was sentenced to two years of supervised probation plus, if I remember correctly, $2000 in court cost and fines. In addition, she would have to pay monthly probation supervision fees.

There were honest-to-God repeat DUI offenders and child pornography cases that preceded her that received lesser sentences.

She mentioned hitchhiking to Key West or swallowing her pride, switching to boy mode, and moving in with her parents in the Tri-Cities area.