August 2016

Robbery and Kidnapping of Jaime

*This is a story about Jaime Combs. During the events presented Jaime had not yet transitioned from male. However, because of my personal bias, I will refer to Jaime in […]

Stop the Tucking

I honestly don’t what kids are calling it these days. It used to be SRS, sex reassignment surgery, and now it’s either GRS, gender reassignment surgery, or GCS, gender confirmation […]

Williamson Medical Center

I’d like to share a negative experience I had in your hospital emergency room on October 8, 2015. Enough time has passed that I’m no longer angry about it, just […]

last goodbye

Many are not aware of the extreme loss that transgender people face when deciding to transition. I lost my home, my wife of nine years, my dogs, all of my […]