ENDA: This is What I Fight Against

Today, senators held a hearing on ENDA, the Employment Non Discrimination Act, which would protect potential or current employees from being terminated or refused employment based on real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. In 29 states a person can be lawfully terminated if they are even suspected of being gay. In 34 states a person can be lawfully terminated if they are even suspected of being transgender.

LGBT employment discrimination law in the United States
   Sexual orientation and gender identity: all employment
   Sexual orientation: all employment
   Sexual orientation and gender identity: state employment
   Sexual orientation: state employment
   No state-level protection for LGBT employees

Of course, I’m transgender, and I’m most concerned about employment rights for my people. We are a much smaller community than the LGB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual) community and as such have fewer resources for lobbying or fundraising. Additionally, our group is severely under-employed by comparison to all groups. It isn’t because we have no skills or no work ethic. In truth, our group probably contains a higher percentage of genius and intellect than any other (I’m a little bias).

Even with all we have accomplished and even though many transgender people simply do not fit the “Religious Right” stereotype, apparently, I want to rape your children. If I can’t rape or molest them, I at least want to rub my grubby little fingers all over their tiny little bodies. If I can’t do that, hopefully i can indoctrinate and recruit them into the “transgender lifestyle”.

What’s that you say?

I’m nucking futz?

We’ll have a look at the hate filled diatribe masking as an email soliciting donations for the “Traditional Values Coalition”. It makes me ill to read such gross misrepresentations, outright lies and character assassination:

Traditional Values Supporter,

Meet Mary.

Mary is a little, shall we say, confused…

…but Mary isn’t confused about whether or not the Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is going to allow someone like him to keep teaching your kids while he undergoes his transformation from ugly caterpillar into a beautiful… something or other…

Believe it or not, Mary isn’t alone.

I just sat through a U.S. Senate hearing on ENDA that his friends were able to get, and I have got to put some media heat on these deeply troubled individuals before the Obama administration gives the homosexual/transgender lobby the single largest gift in the history of their movement!

Can you please donate $35 right now so I can put some media attention on this guy?

ENDA is a very real threat to classrooms across the nation. Traditional Values Coalition has been fighting this bill since it was first floated in 1994, and we have continued to fight it tooth and nail.

Not only would ENDA threaten the religious liberties of anyone questioning whether teachers such as “Mary” were appropriate for a Kindergarten classroom, ENDA would force public schools and local governments to hire transgenders and she-males as a “protected class” — even to the point of forcing 34 state governments to legalize the “Dirty 30” of bizarre sexual orientations as cited by the American Psychiatric Association.

That’s wrong. I intend to stop ENDA before it reaches a boiling point.

The mainstream media isn’t going to simply give Christians a fair shake on ENDA. They will ignore us if we let them.

TVC killed ENDA two years ago. In fact, ENDA was scheduled to be voted on, but the liberals were too scared to vote on the bill when the truth was revealed ENDA would put transgenders in the classroom teaching our kids!

I intend to be right there at the every stage of the game, emptying the office and bringing my staff with me, handing out press releases, white papers, talking one-on-one to members of the media — whatever it takes to let the homosexual/transgender lobby know that we’re watching them.

That’s why your gift of just $35 means so much — because it tells me that I’m on the right track and shouldn’t give up!

And if $35 or even just $20 is too much to give right now, just remember that even a gift of $15, or $7, or even just $3 reminds me that you care.

Can I count on your help to stop Mary?

Andrea Lafferty
Traditional Values Coalition


The only recourse I have is to continue to fight against this hate and ask that you judge other transgender people on their own character rather than smut like this.

Thinking about teachers, would you like to have your child be taught by Lynn Conway, transsexual and co-inventor of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), a technique that allowed us to develop the modern microchip? What about Martine Rothblatt, transsexual and founder of Sirius Satellite Radio and responsible for the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights for the United Nations.

Yes, I would want them teaching my kids!