I’ll try and be brief. In the wake of the recent massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, the discussion of gun regulation has once again surfaced in public debate. Many are […]

There was a time I thought myself to be invincible and that I would live forever. It’s funny how that point of view has changed as the years have slipped […]

Funny…trust me, you’ll like this one. Years ago, in 1999, in an email from my mother, she disclosed her plans for the weekend: “no time to write right now, but […]

September 17, 1999 It had been almost three months since being discharged from a two week hospital stay after my suicide attempt. Having no home to go back to I […]

I wished I had learned by now that attempting to cry myself to sleep neither makes the head pain go away or helps me fall asleep. I wish I could […]

Today, senatorsĀ heldĀ a hearing on ENDA, the Employment Non Discrimination Act, which would protect potential or current employees from being terminated or refused employment based on real or perceived sexual orientation […]

After reading this article on Bilerico, sent to me by my friend Ed White. I felt compelled to respond with my own experience. The author makes one glaring mistake that […]

I was unable to sleep and wanted to look up something on Wikipedia, which is blacked out in protest of SOPA. Want to get around it? I wrote a little […]