June 2011

There’s been an ongoing heated debate by some transsexuals to separate themselves from the “transgender umbrella”. They claim that legislators find it difficult to allow a person that identifies as […]

I was reading about ┬ácontest for a VIP package to be given away for New York Pride on Bilerico. One of the comments was so profound that I had to […]

A short narrative about the following documents: I entered an enlistment in the United States Air Force in June 1990. During basic training I was assigned to the Drum and […]

The legislative session is over and I’m thinking I need to lighten up a bit and enjoy the summer. For the last 11 years I have been living in a […]

Lately, it seems as if the universe was malevolently conspiring to keep Jaime and I apart. We haven’t seen much of one another as work and other personal commitments have […]