Jaime Drives the Snake (in flip flops)

Hail damage on the car
Sad Lotus ūüôĀ

Jaime decided that we should visit her parents in¬†Elizabethton, TN this weekend. It’s beautiful country up there. Her parent’s home is situated on Watauga River, comfortably¬†nestled¬†at the bottom of a small valley of tall rolling hills.

On the way there, we got caught in a hailstorm. A shower of hail at 70 mph doesn’t do much damage to a fiberglass body. However, when we stopped to look the car over, we noticed the bumper had gotten beaten to death in one area. As well, the bottom fin on the left front grill was broken off.

After a pleasant visit and good night’s sleep we were treated to a kingly feast of prime rib for lunch on Sunday. After visiting a bit more, Jaime decided it was time to leave – not to go home, though. She had to get out and drive.

She headed to Hwy 421 in Carter County, TN also known as “The Snake” for its many curves – and she drove it in yellow flip flops (because it matched her shirt, of course).

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