Arson Victims to Insurance: Please do something!


This week I received a copy of a letter sent by Carol Ann and Laura Stutte to their insurance company, American National Property and Casualty (ANPAC). This impassioned plea asks for no less than the insurance company to honor their policy and end their suffering so that they can move on and start their personal healing as well as finding a permanent home.

Dear American National Property and Casualty Company,

We are writing you regarding our claim # 41-H-25N023-R on our home that was completely destroyed by fire on September 4th, 2010.  It has now been almost 8 months, over 1/2 a year, since that tragic night in our lives.  Have we not suffered and waited long enough?  We are pleading with you after all of this time to please honor our policy and pay our claim.

Our family has done every thing that you have asked of us.  Proof of our whereabouts at the time of the fire:  pictures, hotel, gas, food receipts and cell phone records.  You have requested and we have provided all financial records:  giving you full access to bank accounts and statements, Income tax returns dating back to 2006, credit cards, mortgage records, utility bills, home and cell phone records, loans, all medical records, employment history, previous home addresses and so much more.  We ask again, have we not waited and suffered long enough?

Yet, 4 days before Christmas you had your Insurance Attorneys exam the 3 of us separately under oath for hours.  Having us provide the same information over and over again as well as look at pictures of our burnt down home with QUEERS spray painted and asking if we did it.  You still had not given us any money to live on, which caused Laura to have to find work out of state during the holidays.  Which left me and our daughter at the rental house by ourselves sitting in front of a $20.00 Christmas tree with no ornaments or decorations.  We ask again, have we not waited and suffered long enough?

We still are having to pay our monthly mortgage and insurance payments on our home that is nothing but a pile of ashes as well as monthly rent and utilities where we are staying.  Our policy states that you are to reimburse us for rent and utilities when the insured home cannot be lived in.  We have continued to send these receipts to you over and over with out any response from you until recently.  Your kind response was to send us a check in the amount of $610.17.  You will not speak with us or communicate with us personally.  So we will ask you once again, have we not waited and suffered long enough?

Our family has been threatened by our neighbor, we have lived in fear and now our home has been burnt down in hate.  We are asking you American National Insurance to please honor our policy, pay our claim and additional living expenses so we as a family can concentrate on healing.

Carol Ann and Laura Stutte

You can help Carol Ann and Laura simply by sharing this story with your friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Even more so, you can pressure the insurance company to action by calling ANPAC at (417) 887-0220. You can also add your voice to the 50,000 other people that have signed an online petition demanding the insurance company take action.