Dragon*Con Newsletter

I received a newsletter today from Dragon*Con announcing that the documentary, “Four Days at Dragon*Con” has gone national with a broadcast schedule announced for the World channel. Sadly, it’s not available in my area, but is in Nashville on April 11, 2011 on WNPT.

For this of you, like me, that can’t see the documentary, enjoy the 8 minute preview. It’s really good and gives you a great idea what Dragon*Con is all about:

Youtube Video
Four Days at DragonCon Preview (click to play)

What bugged me about the newsletter, is obvious. How in the hell am I supposed to read it? Black fonts on a dark green background? Surely, this is some kind of cruel joke. I mean, we’re talking about a convention of 60,000 nerds and geeks put on back a staff of a couple hundred nerds and geeks. Am I supposed to believe that not a single one of them in the media relations department thought this was a bad design?

Dragon*Con Newsletter (click to enlarge)