Fire Hazard

Believe or not, my house could have burned down Friday!

I’m not very “green” conscious and many times leave the bathroom lights on when I get ready in the morning. My routine consists of taking a shower, going to my office and reading my email, getting dressed, going to my office and reading my email, drying my hair, going to my office and reading my email, putting on my makeup, and then going to my office and reading my email.

Friday, I was in a bit of a hurry. While drying my hair, I noticed one of the compact fluorescent lights in the vanity lighting lightly flickering. I then started putting on my makeup and heard a light “pop” and that same bulb went out. I ignored it. Light bulbs go out all of the time.

Defective Bulb

While putting on my mascara, I started to smell smoke. I looked up at the suspect bulb and it had actually started to flame. I quickly turned out the power and threw a damp towel over it and unscrewed it.

Imagine, if on this day, I had obeyed my normal long morning routine. It is very possible that I would not have noticed a problem until the smell of smoke had reached my office. By that time, flames would have been out of my control.

I now have a new reason to be more energy conscious. Turn out your lights – it could save your life.