Navy Beans and a Maccaw

My Buddy Jade

Sometimes my dreams are really, really strange. I take that back. My dreams are ALWAYS really, really strange. I just don’t always remember them long enough to write them down. By the way, I have never had a nightmare.

Last night’s dream stuck with me. It was kind of sad.

We were a homeless family living in a conversion van. By we, I’m guessing it was also Jaime and my daughter. There were a few more in this dream “family”, but I couldn’t really focus on them. In my dreams I have the feeling of the presence of others but they rarely resemble themselves.

Apparently, the economy was worse than it is now. Not only were we living in a van, but we had staked out a parking space beside a convenience store. There isn’t much odd about that, but rather than an ATM, the front of this convenience store had a “free for public use” microwave oven.

Navy Beans, mmmmm...

I possessed a bag of dry navy beans. This was apparently a precious commodity. I filled the bag the rest of the way with water and put them in the microwave. The problem was, in this neighborhood, there was a good chance someone would steal them. For some reason I had to walk away and didn’t want to leave the beans in the microwave unguarded.

Fortunately, I had my trusty guard bird, Jade. He wouldn’t let anyone take my beans. However, Jade might fly off if I put him on the microwave unattended. To keep him from flying off and to keep my beens safe I decided to put jade in the microwave with them.


I went back to the van to take care of some business and as I stepped out I realized what a stupid thing I had done. Jade could be killed!

Just then, an older man with Jade perched on his arm stepped around the corner. He started bitching me out royally, not because I had irradiated my best friend, but because he had been watching me for days and didn’t think I was giving the bird enough “treats”. I flew off the handle at the guy and Jade hopped over onto my arm.

He laid there panting slowly. His head was swollen and his little eyes had popped out of his head – probably from the microwave. I sobbed uncontrollably and awoke with tears on my pillow.

Isn’t strange how dreams sometimes wrap up right as you awaken?

If dreams have a hidden message I wonder what this one was?