Sad Keywords

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Every once in a while I look at the search terms people have used in their favorite search engine, like Google, that eventually brings them to my site. Most of my web traffic is referred by facebook and Twitter and a small percentage is from people actually performing a search online. in the past month, there have been roughly 159 different search terms used. Most of these deal with ongoing struggle of Carol Ann and Laura Stutte and their fight with the insurance company that won’t pay for their home that was burned down.

However, this month there was a search term that made me kind of sad. Somewhere out there, a distraught mother or a father, desperate for help and understanding, sat down at their computer and typed the following phrase into Google: “sons gender identity disorder destroying my family”.

I wish that I knew who it was. I wish I could reach out to them and tell them that what define’s their family isn’t each member’s ability to adhere to expected gender roles, but love. This family doesn’t understand they are stronger together than when they exclude one of their own.

It makes me wish I had a page on my website specifically for parents looking for support for their kids…I should, but I don’t. I think I’ll work on that.

Oh, and Mom, Dad, whoever you are that’s looking for respite from your son’s gender identity disorder, please know your son is well as they can be, considering. Your son just wants to know that at one of the most difficult times in her life, she needs you to love her unconditionally while she grows into the person God made her.