Calling Out the Troops


First, I want to thank all of the 25,000+ people that have read Carol Ann and Laura’s story and signed the online petition at When I first created the petition, I wasn’t sure quite how it worked. I always thought that online petitions could have no effect. They aren’t legally binding. Why would the target of the petition care?

I now know.

Each time a new person signs the petition, the petition engine sends an email to all of the various targets listed. As you can imagine, this has a powerful annoyance factor. Even more so, it allowed me to introduce this story to a larger audience. That same audience has taken it upon themselves to spread the story, call American National Property and Casualty(ANPAC), and to fax them as well.

In the first week of the petition, we collected 1500 signatures. This annoyance and small publicity caused ANPAC to offer the Stuttes $610 – quite insulting. A few days later we had 15,000 signatures in addition to faxes and phone calls. ANPAC offered $3500.

It has been a week and activity is slacking. ANPAC has asked FaxZero to longer allow faxes to be sent to ANPAC’s headquarters. The fax problem is gone. ANPAC is now presumably filtering incoming email at their gateway. The email problem is gone.

We are so close to making them negotiate. Here is where I need your help.

Please commit to calling ANPAC and faxing ANPAC at least once this week. They will respond with a prepared statement – that’s okay. Our goal is to tie up their phone lines and fax system until they can no longer stand it. Trust me, if 25,000 of you called and faxed once it would be more than they could handle without adding additional phone lines or support staff.

American National Property and Casualty
1949 E Sunshine St # 3-103

Springfield, MO 65899-0002

Phone: (417) 887-0220
Fax: (417) 887-1801

If you don’t have access to a fax machine, may I suggest or These are online fax services. You can sign up for a free trial with no credit card required.

We are so close! Help me claim victory for this family. I can’t do it alone. I need your help.