#9 American National Property and Casualty

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That’s right! I have fans.

I only have a few, but out of the top 403 internet service providers to provide traffic to my website over the last month, I wouldn’t have guessed that the object of my disaffection, American Nation Property and Casualty would have been #9 out 403! With 41 visits from their main office in Springfield, MO, I’m guessing the best source of accurate news about their sordid reputation IS RIGHT HERE!

While you nice folks out on the interwebs are reading to find out what happened to Carol Ann and Laura Stutte, American National Property and Casualty is reading to find out what the hell I’m going to do next to annoy them. Because I’m nice and want to play fair, I’m going to give them a heads up.

This week I am going to call on 25,000 volunteers to call and fax your office during business hours. If 1/10 of the people respond, your switchboard and fax machines will be overwhelmed. Better call a temp agency…