Best Computer Tech Story Evah!

I was riding to a sales meeting with my business partner yesterday when he proceeds to tell me of a service call gone bad the previous Sunday.

A customer had purchased two iPhones each representing two different phone numbers.  She was having difficulty getting them both to sync with her computer.  When she tried, she ended up loosing much of her contacts and notes information in the process.

One of our technicians had gone to a woman’s home to correct the issue.  The tech was able to resolve the problem and both iPhones contained their respective information when she left.

Some hours later, the customer call back with a complaint.  The volume on both of her iPhones was terribly low.  So low, in fact, that she could barely hear and was having difficulty in the present conversation with our technician.  Furthermore, the volume on her desktop tower was similarly affected.  The customer was quite upset and wanted the issue fixed promptly.

Our technician was understandably confused.  None of the work performed would have affected the volume in any way  – especially on three different devices.  Nevertheless, she logged into the customers computer remotely to examine.  Everything seemed fine to our technician.

The technician explained to the customer that it was not possible that the symptoms she was experiencing were related in any way to the previous service call.  However, the technician quizzed the customer further in order to provide assistance in solving the problem.

“What happened after I left your home?” asked the technician.

“Well,” the customer responded, “the cleaning service came soon after you left.  They started vacuuming.  It was really loud and so I put my earplugs…oh.  Never mind.”