October 2010

Well, it wasn’t my first girlfriend, but it was the first time I had picked up a girl and taken her on a date. If you live around Little Rock, […]

I was riding to a sales meeting with my business partner yesterday when he proceeds to tell me of a service call gone bad the previous Sunday. A customer had […]

Monday, October 11, 2010 is National Coming Out Day (NCOD).  From Wikipedia: National Coming Out Day is an internationally-observed civil awareness day for coming out and discussion about gay, lesbian,bisexual, asexual and transgender (LGBT) issues. […]

Our country is facing an epidemic.  Homophobia, bullying, harassment, and violence against gays is increasing in epic proportions.  In September alone we have had six gay young men and teens […]

Here’s a list of victims from September and accompanying news links that I borrowed from DailyKOS. I don’t have time to write anything meaningful right now (update…I have.  Here). Justin […]