E*Trade: Transphobia is Always Funny, Right?

As we gear up for yet another Super Bowl, anticipation is building for the creative, clever,  multi-million dollar ads shown during CBS’s broadcast of the game.

This year, as in others, there is controversy over an ad created by the conservative Christian anti-gay Focus On The Family which is expected to carry an anti-abortion message.  At the same time an ad for a gay dating site was turned down by CBS.

In all the fervor, LGBT activists and allies seem to have missed an ad that has barely popped up on the radar.  The ever-popular E*Trade Baby are always a hit during Super Bowl.  This time E*Trade has capitalized on the ever-mundane stereotypical man-in-a-dress comedy bit, this time using infants.

Male Baby: “Thanks for coming to the first official E*Trade meeting on diversified investments.  Who wants to start?”

Asian Baby: “Why are there only girls here?”

Male Baby: “What are you talking about.  Dennis is right behind me.”

Curly-headed Baby (in very LOW voice): “It’s Denise.”

Ha, ha, ha.  It would be funny if it weren’t so damn sad.  Can transpeople not get a break?  Must someone always be pointing out the inconguency of a person’s voice to their gender identity.  It seems to be sad fact that when comedy writers are out of material, picking on the trans community is always a tried-and-true fall back.

Sure, some reviewers will state that the baby was in fact female and just had a deep voice.  Come on!  You know what the punch line is and would have to be deaf and stupid not to acknowledge it, but I digress.

If think the ad is distasteful and offensive to transpeople, please contact E*Trade by phone at 1-800-387-2331.