Gay Marriage: A Heterosexual Teen Perspective

My son was asked to write a persuasive essay for high school.  The topic: gay marriage.  Being part of the LGBT community, we sometimes get tunnel vision.  It is nice to see someone else’s perspective for a change.

In the following examples I will argue that gays and others like them should be allowed to marry if that is what they wish.  They should enjoy the same rights and freedoms from everyone as any other person does.  Gay people are just like everyone else.

My first argument I’ll address on the topic is what makes them different.  It is often, though not always, the ill educated and unsophisticated people who are against gay marriage.  The only difference in them is their personal/sexual preferences.  From what I have seen, they actually act just the same as any other person.  They work the same, they eat the same, they sleep the same, and breath and function in the same way as any other person does.

Some people think that they lack religious beliefs; others think that they have no religion or that, overall, they are the bad people of a community and society.  They believe in religion just as much as any other person.  Religion is a choice and not something to be pressed onto someone.  I personally have met a preacher that supports their beliefs.  They know the Bible like the back of their hands and teach it in the same way that any other would.

One must also look at the history.  If people where smart enough to look in a history text book, then they would see that it was an accepted way of life in the past.  Great military figures, and government officials such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and even Aristotle were gay.  A person researching them would see that they  “laid with men”.  In much of today’s looks they wouldn’t be accepted by the general public.  If people that long ago can accept it, then why can’t the people of today accept it?

From where I stand, as a result of a personal experience, I will accept them.  They are a person just like me, and they deserve the same treatment that I receive. My aunt is getting married in October of this year, and I know I am going to try my best to be there to support her as they supported me all through high school.

Full disclosure: I did some very minor editing for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Over all, I thought he did a fairly good job.  While it the topic was “gay marriage” he actually focused on “acceptance of gays”.  Nevertheless, as a persuasive essay, he stated his topic, addressed his points, and finished with a personal conclusion.

I can’t necessarily say what he picks up around the house when Jaime and I are talking about gay or trans rights, but I’ve never tried to indoctrinate him.  I can only hope his acceptance of others is by following the example that we set.