Rep. Jimmy Matlock: Transphobe and Anti-Semite

As is their yearly custom, the president of the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition, Dr. Marisa Richmond, sent out an email holiday greeting:

As we celebrate the annual Holiday season, the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition reminds all that the fight for equal rights for all LGBT people is an ongoing one.  The recent passage of Federal Hate Crimes legislation is an important step forward, but we still have to pass a fully inclusive Hate Crimes bill at the state level, along with the Employment Non Discrimination Act at the national level.  These challenges should remind us all just how much we have to do to ensure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are able to enjoy the same rights and privileges of our fellow citizens.

Regardless of which holiday you may celebrate, may your season be safe and joyous.

One recipient of the announcement, Jimmy Matlock, republican representative of Lenoir City, wasn’t all too happy about being on the mailing list for this particular announcement.

Dr. Richmond recalled, “Yesterday afternoon, shortly after I sent the TTPC “Happy Holidays” email blast, I received an angry phone call from State Rep. Jimmy Matlock (R-Lenoir City).

I have previously added members of the General Assembly to our mailing list for general announcements as a way of helping to educate all members, regardless of party, on transgender issues.”

Apparently, Rep. Matlock doesn’t appreciate other groups usurping his Christmas, “…this is not a holiday season, it is a Christmas season.  We celebrate Christmas, not the holidays.  This is a Christian Nation!”

When Dr. Richmond explained that it was the first full day of Hanukkah, Matlock retorted, “This is a Christian Nation!  We celebrate the Christmas season, not the holiday season.  And I don’t want to hear anything about transvestites.  That is against all that I believe.”

If you live in Lenoir City or know anyone that does, please make sure you remember that Rep. Jimmy Matlock doesn’t represent Jews or members of the LGBT community when you are at the ballot box.

Hate is alive in well in Lenoir City, TN.