Facebook and CBN Nutbags

So I ran across this article about the belief that a nutbag pastor named Kimberly Daniels, that witches are praying over Halloween candy.  Demon this, demon that, blah, blah, blah.

For example, most of the candy sold during this season has been dedicated and prayed over by witches.

It intrigued me and I had to share it with my world on facebook.com along with my comment:

Witches praying over Halloween candy at the factory before it goes out? Really?

Some people are completely out of their mind. This article, original posted on Christian Broadcast News at CBN Article, has been taken down. Apparently, this kook was even too much for CBN and the likes of Pat Robertson.

Alternet Article,_%22prayed_over_by_witches%22_-_ridicule_prompts_cbn.com_to_remove_column

Since CBN had already taken the article down, I thought I would check out Google’s cache and see if it had already been crawled, indexed, and recorded.  Sure enough, good ‘ole Google to the rescue.  I found the original article that had been removed.

I tried to post that cached link to facebook.com only to be presented with the following message:

Some user at facebook.com doesn't like this article.
Some users at facebook.com doesn't like this article.

I am imagining someone doing something sacrilegious like this:

Who would do such a thing?
Who would do such a thing?