Hand it to the folks at Best Value Plumbing to spread some holiday cheer. It seems that a fellow member of Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church contacted this plumbing company […]

talking Well my son and I successfully installed our new gas water heater. The new one was fatter but shorter than the old tall skinny one. As a result, the […]

As is their yearly custom, the president of the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition, Dr. Marisa Richmond, sent out an email holiday greeting: As we celebrate the annual Holiday season, the Tennessee Transgender […]

Knoxville TDoR 2009

Tonight I attended a Day of Remembrance like no other before.  As expected, there was a candlelight vigil and a reading of the names of all of the transgender people […]

Jaime, my love and my life, you gotta love her. check and advance As we approach the 11th Transgender Day of Remembrance, tomorrow, November 20, 2009, I want to share […]

Facebook and CBN Nutbags

So I ran across this article about the belief that a nutbag pastor named Kimberly Daniels, that witches are praying over Halloween candy.  Demon this, demon that, blah, blah, blah. […]

Last night, I received an email form the Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) about a new GLBT victory in Tennessee.  As Chris Saunders and H.G. Stovall reported, “By a vote of 24 […]

I’m flattered that anyone finds anything I have to say the least bit interesting.  Even so, there are many things that I’ve wanted to put down in words about my […]