I can’t believe I never posted this on my website – facebook sure, but it really belongs here. I never knew the medical term for the spinal ailment that Mr. […]

The question of who chooses the terms of your identity, my identity – everyone’s identity, is not a new one.  What will be new, is when society embraces people in […]

In anticipation of a gay march on Washington this year, and a challenge in the Supreme Court of the United States, many gay leaders are telling our people to calm down, wait, […]

I do hear grumbling in the media, by pundits and community leaders about the “gay rights” movement usurping the term “civil rights” or equating themselves with the struggle of black […]

I read an interesting quote today: business personal credit ratings “Against logic there is no armor like ignorance. Laurence J. Peter” This quote aptly describes the opinion of Tennessee congressman […]