last goodbye

Many are not aware of the extreme loss that transgender people face when deciding to transition. I lost my home, my wife of nine years, my dogs, all of my […]

17 Years Later

Things were bad. On July 2nd, 1999, the day after my birthday, the depression started hitting me harder and harder. At the time, I was 215 lbs. As the days […]

Carla's Mental Health

I’m not perfect. I have issues. These issues are a constant impediment to my life. quantity and quantity of sleep constant drowsiness during the day and wakefulness at night debilitating procrastination […]

Highway Flasher

It was sometime early 1992, I was working in Little Rock, Arkansas near the river at a little electronic printing company, Electronic Imaging Services. I worked the late shift, by […]

My name is Carla Lewis. Now if you live outside of the Knoxville and Maryville area, you probably don’t recognize my name. That’s where I lived from 2000-2014. During that […]


I had just turned nine years old and was at the beginning of my summer break in 1980. Back then, having a nice golden tan was still en vogue. After […]

Kristen Ashley Bailey

A month ago, a link to an obituary was sent to me in a private message. With it, the sender expressed outrage at how the family had misgendered this person […]

On the eve the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, I sit in silence and read the names of the victims of anti-trans violence. With all of the visibility and progress that we’ve […]