We Get by with a Little Help from Our Friends

A few weeks ago, my son, Xavier, decided to move out west, to Colorado Springs, to search for new opportunity for himself and his family. I’m not claiming the East Tennessee isn’t a beautiful place to live, but if you are a young couple at the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum without a college education, the best you have to look forward to is a labor job and a community addicted to prescription painkillers and meth labs. Having a two year and one year old child, Xavier and his wife, Megan, made some hard choices. Breaking apron strings and getting away from bad influences is a big leap of faith.

To accomplish this task, Xavier had secured a new apartment, purchased discount plane tickets for the family and had his vehicle shipped, with as much personal belongings as he could pack into it, to its new home. The only things they were taking with them were what they could check in baggage on the airplane or carry-on luggage. Three days to go before they leave this Wednesday and the clock is ticking.

Xavier knows what it’s like to start over and to have nothing. He’s been there before. Although he’s been nervous about this move, he’s had a good plan and he’s had a couple thousand dollars stashed away to get him started. Not everyone is so lucky though. A friend from the army recently got evicted from his home and had no place for his young wife and baby to stay. Xavier invited them to stay in his home this past week – he could always use an extra hand to help pack for his move.

To celebrate his last weekend in Tennessee, Xavier and Megan went out Saturday night leaving the homeless couple at their home alone. When they returned, the couple was gone – and so was Xavier’s nest egg. I know what you’re thinking, but it will do no good to criticize him for keeping that much cash in the house. It’s already too late and I’m sure the lesson has been learned.

The police have been called and a report has been filed, but I doubt we can expect a recovery.

As you can imagine, Xavier is under enormous stress about arriving in a new in two days no funds and starting fresh. I’m asking my extended family and friends to send gift cards to local retailers (Walmart, Target, Kmart) or anything they can do to help him get established. Imagine you were just getting started and had nothing. What do you think you would need? Yep. He probably needs it too.

If you would like to send something directly, a family friend lives in Colorado Springs and can receive packages or mail for Xavier until I get his new permanent address:

Xavier Vandewalker
c/o Andrew Hatfield
3453 Shrikes Tail Heights
Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Of course, being a techie, I’ve put a handy widget in my side-bar if anyone would like to use that to donate! 🙂

Also, if anyone is interested in buying a bedroom suit for their child: http://knoxville.craigslist.org/fuo/3687966136.html

EDIT: It means a lot to me that people I haven’t seen in 20+ years would my child – no matter how small. What I’d like is for it to mean a great deal to my son, Xavier. For him to be overwhelmed with many small tokens from people who only knew his father may end up having a very great impact on him.