Transgender or Transsexual

There’s been an ongoing heated debate by some transsexuals to separate themselves from the “transgender umbrella”. They claim that legislators find it difficult to allow a person that identifies as male, but dresses in female clothing to use the ladies room. Rightly, all debates about inclusion workplace protection center around “gender identity” or “gender non-conformance”. However, a transsexual feels they are born with a physical birth defect – the wrong genitalia, and that they are in fact, the sex opposite that listed on their birth certificate. Maybe it boild down to a transsexual as a matter of biology and transgender as a matter of choice?

I’m currently, not taking a position in this debate, but a recent article about a crossdresser on a US Airways flight is the embodiment of their concern. When legislation is proposed to protect transgender people, the public envisions the casual cross dresser that identifies as male, rather than someone born transsexual like Janet Mock, Editor of People Magazine.

Unidentified US Airways Passenger
Janet Mock, People Magazine Editor