Their American Dream

Returning from Nashville where Carol Ann and Laura celebrated their anniversary they found a pile of rubble where their dream home once stood.

Despite numerous police reports documenting a neighbor that had threatened to burn down their home and who repeatedly told them the “…only thing better than one dead queer was two dead queers…” no arrests have been made.

The Stutte home had no gas service and was all electric. Even with witness reports of two explosions and a fireball that could be seen above the treeline, that all waterhoses on the property had been cut and that “QUEER” had been painted on their garage the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, Tennesse Bureau of
Investigation and FBI have yet to rule the fire as an arson.

What is even more disturbing is that the Stutte’s insurance company, American National Property and Casualty has yet to pay a dime to the Stutte family even though they had purchased coverage to provide them habitation and living expenses in the case of such a loss.

Help the Stutte family. Don’t do business with American National Property and Casualty which is headquartered in Springfield, MO.

If you want to help the Stutte Family, why not start with putting some pressure on their insurance company? You can call, write, fax, email, or visit American National Property and Casualty using the following information:

American National Property and Casualty
1949 E Sunshine St # 3-103
Springfield, MO 65899-0002

Phone: (417) 887-0220
Fax: (417) 887-1801 (This is an automatic free fax service. Just click and write a note.)
Email: (email form)

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