Tennessee Fights ‘Mark of the Beast’

I was reading a blog post on The Nashville Scene today.  Apparently. legislators in Tennessee are pushing a bill that prevent involuntary implants of microchips into humans.

I couldn’t express my feelings an better than the blog’s author, Jeff Woods:

Paranoid anti-government types figure anything’s possible once the black helicopters sweep in. We elected a Kenyan president, didn’t we? But here’s what’s really gotten the Christian Right up in arms. (Brace yourselves. We’re not making this up.) There are those who believe implanted microchips could become Satan’s Mark of the Beast, which, as we all know from our readings of Revelation, is one way the devil will wield power over the Earth during the time of Tribulation.

It’s true.  While Tennessee may have a fiscal crisis and unemployment is at an all time high, Tennessee legislators have their priorities straight: beat up on gays, make sure citizens can take guns into bars and parks, and a bill that would prevent the “Mark of the Beast”.

As the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Susan Lynn, explained to Pith when her proposal first came up a couple of years ago, “In the Christian religion, and I’m a Christian, in the book of Revelation, there was a reference to, you know, the Mark of the Beast. Some people interpret that to be one of these microchips.”

Logic just doesn’t enter the picture, does it?

Let me get this straight.  Let’s say that I am a firm believer in the prophecy in Revelations, do I believe that if I passed legislation to prevent the Mark of the Number of the Beast that I can subvert Satan’s plans to make a failed attempt to take over the world?


So what does this say about Susan Lynn’s faith?  What does this say about her study habits?  Someone didn’t pay attention in Sunday School.

The “mark” is applied after the “Rapture”, not before.  Therefore any implants, federal ID, or tattooing implemented beforehand is (1) not the “mark”, and (2) of no consequence to Christians because they’ll be gone and everyone that is left can use their cars, homes, and empty churches.

Going forward, should true Christians of faith allow the pieces to fall into place that would hasten the Rapture, or should they try and interfere with God’s plans and try to stave it off?

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

Such is ignorance.  To claim to know the mind or will of God is pure folly.  To prevent action by a Satan powered government would be such too.

Susan Lynn: Go home or do something useful this session and leave theology and soul saving to to the televangelists.