Coming soon…

I’m flattered that anyone finds anything I have to say the least bit interesting.  Even so, there are many things that I’ve wanted to put down in words about my life before I forget or I am so old that the stories are nothing but embellishments.

Not that my life would make interesting reading, but my life has had many unexpected twists and turns.  I love where I am in life, although I may not like how I got here.

I was brainstorming and thought I would create a list of some memorible moments before they escaped me.  Of course, every word is 100% true – to the best of my recollection.

So here are the things I’m working on now.  Allthough the working titles are directly related to the subject of the story, I’m sure no one could guess what they were about – except maybe Price on “What’s that Whooshing Sound?” and “The Target Police”.

  • The Magnet and the Cobra
  • The Drooling Jawbreaker
  • The Concrete Pipe
  • Pea Gravel and the Ambulance Ride
  • What’s that Whooshing Sound? or The QTip Dare
  • The Bicycle Ride of Certain Death
  • Behind the Skating Rink (maybe not this one)
  • 101 Things to Shoot with a Red Ryder BB gun
  • The Bullet Proof Squirrel (maybe not this one)
  • The Rainbow Ocillating Fan and my Index Finger
  • Evel Knievel in Drag (maybe not this one)
  • The Great Rock Fight or The Epliation of a 6 Year Old
  • The Target Police
  • The Jackpot or Where Did My Allowance Go?

Thanks for giving me attention that I don’t deserve.